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"To us Green is more than a color, it's a commitment."
GREEN ENERGY LIGHTING CORP is committed to bringing the world's best light sources to you. Our mission is to help conserve the world's resources, and save our customer's time and money. At GREEN ENERGY LIGHTING, the future is here. Come and join the GREEN revolution today.

The Lighting Industry is changing!

The conversion to Digital Lighting is rapidly changing the way we use and think of lighting. The expectations are that by 2020, 80% of the North American lighting market will have converted to LED lighting. As this new technology progresses it will offer much more than just energy savings and longer life, the limitations may only be up to the user’s imagination.

At Green Energy Lighting Corp. our goal is to provide our clients with the best value for personalized service, quality, and price. Together with our partners from around the world, we work hard to bring the newest technologies to the North American Market. With over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, Green Energy Lighting Corp. has the knowledge that your business needs to be successful during these fast changing times. Let Green Energy Lighting Corp. be your partner during this transformation and challenge us with your lighting needs.

What's new with LED's?
When applications demand lower energy consumption or long maintenance cycles, GELCO LED lamps and LED fixtures are the choice for discerning lighting professionals. We provide replacement LED lamps for a wide variety of low voltage and line voltage lighting applications as well as LED fixtures for residential and commercial applications. The LED industry is changing at a rapid pace. When choosing LED products it's important to make smart choices. Even though many LEDs look alike they are not all made the same. Our LED lamps use only illuminators from the industry leading companies. So when it's time to choose an LED light bulb or LED fixture, make the smart choice and call Green Energy Lighting.
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The Future of Halogen Lamps
The 2007 Energy Act has gone into effect and many of the traditional halogen lamps have been phased out in favor high efficiency alternatives.Our new high efficiency PAR halogen lamps are NVLAP tested and DOE compliant. Green Energy Lighting will continue developing new lamps to meet the future efficiency requirements. Find out what the future holds in store for your favorite halogen bulbs.
Call Green Energy Lighting.
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Metal Halide Lamps
Green Energy Lighting offers a full line of open-fixture rated and pulse start medium and mogul base Metal Halide lamps, as well as medium base PAR Metal Halide lamps for applications ranging from parking garages to retail shop lighting. With new lighting requirements increasing the demand for high lumen and low energy consumption, Metal Halide usage has continued to grow. We also stock a wide selection of standard Metal Halide lamps in medium and mogul bases for all your outdoor lighting needs. From wall-packs to parking lots, Green Energy Lighting Corp has the right lamp for your project needs. And if you require High Pressure Sodium lamps (medium and mogul, clear and diffuse) we've got those too! Green Energy Lighting has the HID lamps you need at the price level that's sure to please and keep you competitive in today's marketplace.
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